WINNICACA s925 Sterling Silver Hummingbird Neckalce/Rings for Women Girls Jewelry Gifts Price: $16.99$21.99 (as of 02/08/2019 07:20 PST- Details)

Hummingbird Jewelry Family We designed a series of Hummingbird Jewelry, This hummingbird Necklaces will be perfect with the hummingbird rings.
About Hummingbird:Hummingbirds are birds native to the Americas. They are among the smallest of birds. They are known as hummingbirds because of the humming sound created by their beating wings which flap at high frequencies audible to humans. Aztecs wore hummingbird talismans, both artistic representations of hummingbirds and fetishes made from actual hummingbird parts: emblematic for their vigor, energy, and freedom.
Length and Size:It is adjustable with a necklace chain 18″++1″+1”,This length works on practically anyone! You won’t go wrong with the length.Pendants only 0.94 x 0.88 inches long (height including the bail), simple dainty and statement on trendy nature style.

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Cute Hummingbird Jewelry for Female Jewelry itself has no value, but the jewels which can make women shining are priceless! Wearing ordinary jewelry, people remember that jewelry. Wearing elegant jewelry, people remember the woman who wears that jewelry.

Item type:necklace

Material:s925 sterling silverMethod of Jewelry 

Maintenance and Protection 

1). Please don’t wear a long time. You should often replace your jewelry and avoid wearing a long time, especially in the hot summer. 

2). Please do not touch with chemicals; otherwise, it will erode your jewelry. 

3). Please try not to touch water and don’t wear it when you bathing and swimming. Otherwise, these are all damaged to your jewelry, and will affect its gloss. 

4). Frequent cleaning is necessary. Please use a soft brush to wipe the surface of the accessory and remove its surface stains.

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